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Transvaginal Mesh Discussions: Revision Surgery

Mar 4

Sunday, March 04, 2012  RssIcon

Is Revision Surgery a Possibility in Your Case?
The degree of your symptoms and whether or not the mesh has eroded into the vaginal walls or another surrounding organ will likely determine whether you are a candidate for revision surgery. It is important that you discuss your options thoroughly with your physician before deciding to undergo revision surgery to correct the problems caused by your transvaginal mesh implant. Revision surgery can include removal of the mesh completely or corrective surgery to trim or resize the mesh implant. Revision surgery can lead to excessive scar tissue and in some cases may further aggravate the symptoms and it can be difficult to locate surgeons who are willing to perform the revision surgery. 

Is Revision Surgery Safe?
Any way you look at it, revision surgery is yet another serious surgery, and while generally not as extensive as the original mesh implant, your recovery time and your risks are equal. The surgeon will be required to make incisions, remove the mesh from surrounding tissues or organs, and suture the incisions. There will be swelling and discomfort, from mild to severe for several weeks, and you will be unable to return to work for at least two weeks. If you typically stand on your feet for long periods of time at your place of employment, it could be even longer before you can return. Many women note that with each successive surgery it can take longer to recuperate, and depending on the severity of the erosion or other medical issues, it could require several surgeries to fully correct your problems. Some women have recovery periods of up to six weeks with lifting restrictions even past the six week mark.

Will the Manufacturer of Your Transvaginal Mesh Implant Pay for Revision Surgery?
While those women whose transvaginal mesh implant has caused them significant medical harm could be eligible to file a lawsuit for damages, they will likely be responsible for all costs associated with testing and revision surgery, at least for the time being. If it is determined, however that they have a strong legal position regarding the flawed transvaginal mesh implant, an experienced personal injury attorney will work hard to obtain the maximum award provided for under the law to offset those expenses. While in theory every woman implanted with transvaginal mesh could have a legal claim, there must generally be specific damages to make litigations worth the financial cost and psychological trauma.

Women who have suffered organ damage which requires mesh replacement or revision surgery or those with ongoing and harsh symptoms such as vaginal tissue erosion, recurrence of the original pelvic organ prolapse, urinary issues, scarring on the vaginal walls or chronic pain during sexual intimacy can definitely prove specific and ongoing damages. Your attorney will determine whether medical malpractice was the cause of your medical damages or whether they relate specifically to the mesh implant. If your issues began soon after your surgery, it is more likely they are related to physician error than to the mesh implant. If the problems began six months or more following your surgery, it is probable they stem directly from the mesh implant. In any case, if you feel you have suffered because of a transvaginal mesh implant you should immediately contact a reputable, experienced personal injury attorney for further assessment of your specific situation.

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