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Texas Child Support: A Brief Overview

Texas Child Support

Child support agreements establish a parental duty to financially cover the children’s normal living expenses following a divorce. When considering child support help, the goal of the court during the divorce is to keep the children of the marriage in roughly the same financial situation they would have been in if the parents had remained married. To this end, courts will attempt to look at the net income of both parents as well as the number of children when determining that magic number for child support payments.

How is Child Support Determined?

Like most states, Texas has a specific formula for determining specific child support amounts. Texas child support has been well thought out through the years, and, while not perfect, is relatively consistent. The Houston child support lawyers of Sullo & Sullo, LLP will work aggressively for you to secure an agreement to assure the financial resources your children need while staying in accordance with Texas child support law.

The courts will consider the net earnings of the parent who is determined to be responsible for paying child support—usually the non-custodial parent—and the amount ordered will be based upon a percentage of the first $6000 in net earnings according to the number of children involved. In other words, the parent paying child support will pay approximately 20% of his or her first $6,000 in net earnings for one child, with the percentage increasing by number of children. If a child has special physical or mental needs, the parent may be ordered to pay an amount above the Texas child support guidelines.

Other Considerations

Additionally, the Texas child support guidelines will take into consideration work-related expenses, child-care expenses which are incurred as a result of working or looking for a job, the health insurance costs for the children and any medical or educational expenses reasonably expected in the future. It can be critical for you to have a knowledgeable child support attorney in your corner during these negotiations, as there are many variables involved in determining the final amount. If you are searching for a compassionate and highly skilled law firm who fully understands the intricacies of determining child support, Sullo & Sullo LLP are experienced Houston child support lawyers.

What if Circumstances Change?

Of course your goal as a parent is to ensure your children’s best interests are protected and this is our goal as well. If you are seeking to modify child support agreements or your ex is seeking modifications you believe to be unfair, Sullo & Sullo LLP can help. Our skillful attorneys can sift through changes in income due to cutbacks on work hours, overtime, or any other economic changes which may occur after child support amounts have been set. In the same vein, should extraordinary expenses arise, our highly knowledgeable Houston child support lawyers are focused on determining what expenses are reasonable and necessary, and capable of fighting aggressively to meet your children’s needs.

Thinking Ahead

Child support, although largely determined by state guidelines, can still be fraught with complexities, so it’s always best to have the advice of child support lawyers in Houston before you start the negotiations. At Sullo & Sullo LLP our highest priority is to ensure your child receives the financial support necessary following a divorce. We understand that divorce is stressful therefore our attorneys consistently exhibit professionalism and compassion during this crucial time. If you are in the midst of an emotional divorce and need guidance in determining child support, need help collecting child support which has already been determined, or are seeking a modification in child support, our attorneys can meet your needs. Call Sullo & Sullo LLP today for knowledgeable answers to your legal questions regarding child support.

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